1. Shake It


Waking up on Monday
I got the whole week ahead
It's hard for me
to get out of bed

By the time Tuesday arrives
I got myself in the groove
The week is long
I got so much to do

That it starts me to thinking
and longing for the weekend ahead
how I miss my baby
and what I'll say to her then

(I'll say) Shake it baby, shake it
Shake one more time for me
Shake it my hot little momma
all night long for me

Well I know I'm half way to home
when Wednesday comes around
It won't be long
Before I'm out on the town

And yes there's light at the end of the tunnel
come Thursday I'm ready for fun
Just one more day
before the week is done


Friday can't go fast enough
I'm wishing I was done by noon
I'm gonna see my
baby soon

I'm gonna take her out
to Buddy Guy's Legends
meet up with some good friends too
Dance and drink
and lose those weekday blues